The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







Welcome to the Branscomb Genealogy Web site

This site is designed to serve as a continuing forum through which you can learn about some branches of the Branscomb family in America and can add information and correct any misinformation which is presented.

Initially the Web site contains updates for only a limited number of families, but I will post the histories for additional families as soon as my colleagues who help provide and check information agree it is ready to share. Almost all of the families I have studied are descended from Richard Branscomb, the immigrant from Britain who arrived in America circa 1735, and his wife Sarah Proctor; the majority of families are headed by children and presumed children of John Branscomb (d. 1821 KY), son of Richard and Sarah. See the Contacts page for a full list of families whose history is presented.

Before you read further, please check the Author’s Notes for an explanation of the numbering system I use for identifying individuals within any family. Also, please see the list of abbreviations and symbols used in the work.

The first Branscombs in America

Variant spellings of the Branscomb name

More than two dozen variant spellings are found for this surname in America, and additional variations exist in England and other parts of the world. (Ronald Branscombe of Hertfordshire and Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, and his sister Joan Branscombe Hunt have been conducting a “Branscombe Family Tree Study.” They found numerous additional variants.) County clerks and other officials often wrote what they heard when they recorded deeds, wills, marriages, tax records and other documents for a largely illiterate population. It is not unusual to see more than one spelling for the name in a single document. “Branscomb” is the predominant spelling for the progenitor in Brunswick County, VA, and for the next two generations. Major variants for subsequent generations include “Branscom,” “Branscome” and “Branscumb.” Occasionally the “s” is omitted to leave “Brancomb” or other variants. The oft-encountered “Branchcomb” may reflect unwittingly the derivation of the original name in Devonshire. By the time spelling became relatively stable several branches of the family adhered to variant spellings. The pronunciation most often encountered in America is “Brans'cum,” with a soft a, and the spelling has tended toward this rendition.

The most common variations: Branscombe, Branscom, Branscome, Branscum, Branscumb, Branchcomb, Branchcome, Branchcom

Less common: Brancecum

Rare: Brancomb, Brancom, Brascom, Brascum, Bascomb, Bascombe, Boonscum, Branchom, Branschomb, Branchon, Brancecumb, Brancum, Brancumb, Brancin, Brancob

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