Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The Children of Benjamin Branscomb:
Benjamin Branscomb (Jr.)

The line of descent for Benjamin Branscomb:

(Note: Hereinafter the first three digits of the identification numbers are omitted. Please check the Author's Notes for an explanation of the numbering system I use for identifying individuals within any family.)

7. Benjamin Branscomb Jr.

The 1850 and 1870 censuses show Benjamin’s birthplace as VA, whereas the 1860 census shows OH. Because the 1830 census for his father Benjamin Branscomb in Greensville Co., VA, shows one male child under the age of 5 years, and because no other son of Benjamin and Tabitha was in that age range in 1830, we can be reasonably confident that he was born in Virginia. His DOB of 23 March1830 and his DOD of 3 February 1911 come from his grave marker in the Mount Zion Cem. in Jackson Co., OH. He md (1) 24 July 1851 Alice Duncan (b. 18 January 1831, d. 2 September 1873; her dates are from the birth & death records of Jackson Co. as compiled by the genealogical society. The 1900 census shows her DOB as February 1831).

The family left Virginia probably in 1830 (the 1830 tax records for Greensville County show the notation “Rem” [= “removed”] for Benjamin Sr., and no tax was charged for him during that year), so it is likely that young Benjamin was an infant at the time of the move. He was probably one of the two males listed as age 5-10 in his father’s household in Jackson Co., OH. The 1850 census for his father shows him as age 19. He was married at age 21, and by 1860 he and his wife had three children. The 1860 census for Jackson Co. p. 160, shows the family in household #748 of Franklin Township:
  Age Where born
Benj Branscomb 28 OH
Alice 24 OH
Earl C. 5 OH
Harry 3 OH
Effie M. 1 OH

Benjamin’s sister Tabitha Washam was in household #747 and their father Benjamin Sr. was in household #746. William Meacham, age 26, b.OH, lived in household #750. (Henry Meacham’s land in Brunswick County, VA, bordered the land of Richard Branscomb the immigrant.)

Benjamin and his family are also shown in the 1870 census for Franklin Township; p. 26, household #37. This time the post office was given as Camba.
  Age Where born  
Branscomb Benj 38 VA Farmer
Alice 38 OH  
Earl A. 18 OH At home
Harvy A. 14 OH Farm laborer
Effie 12 OH  
Allice M. 10 OH  
Benjm D.. 8 OH  
Tabitha A. 6 OH  
Wm A. 4 OH  
Leander. 2 OH  

Jas. R. Meacham, age 70, b. VA, was living alone next door. Benjamin’s uncle Edmond Branscomb was nearby in household #46.

Alice died 2 September 1873 of “nervis disease.” Five months later, on 5 February 1874, Benjamin married (2) in Jackson County Sarah J. Blair (b. 1853, d. June 1929). Sarah bore him six additional children. The 1880 census shows Benjamin’s family in Franklin Township of Jackson Co., household #272, p. 34:
  Age Where
Branscomb, Benj 48 OH VA VA  
Sarah J. 27 OH PA Ireland  
Effie M. 22 OH VA VA  
Allie M. 19 OH VA VA  
Benj. D. 17 OH VA VA  
Tabitha 15 OH VA VA  
William A. 14 OH VA VA  
Leander 12 OH VA VA  
Lillie Lee 10 OH VA VA  
Myrtie D. 5 OH VA VA  
Herbie A. 2 OH VA VA  

Alice was the mother of the first seven children who are listed, and Sarah was the mother of the two youngest children. Earl and Harvey, the two eldest children, had already left home. The two previous censuses showed that Benjamin’s first wife Alice was born in Ohio, and this census shows wife #2 Sarah as also born in Ohio; it was incorrect to list the birthplace of the mothers of the children as Virginia.

Deeds in the Jackson County courthouse dated between July 1866 and April 1882 suggest that during that period Benjamin bought out the shares of the other heirs of his father Benjamin to the land the elder Benjamin bequeathed to his descendants. These were probably quit claim deeds; it is unfortunate that only the deed index remains and not the actual deeds. Following is the information from the index:
Conveyor Date Book & page no. (Probable identity of conveyor)
John French 27 July 1866 14-399 Joanna's husband
Wm. Washam 21 April 1876 15-327 dtr. Tabitha's husband
Virginia Littleton 22 May 1878 14-364 d/o Joseph Edmond
Wm Branscom 20 March 1879 11-583  
John Hatten 7 April 1879 14-388 s/o Martha
Jno T. Cook 5 May 1879 14-389 husband of Joseph E.’s dtr. Eliza?
J E Branscom 27 June 1879 14-390 Joseph Edmond Jr.?
Henry Branscom 1 July 1879 11-617  
Jas. Richardson 18 August 1879 15-388 Parthenia's husband
Mary Branscom 26 December 1881 14-390 Ruffin's (Ervin's) widow
B. F. Brown 26 December 1881 15-470 unidentified
Martha Owens 12 July 1882 18-39 Joseph E.'s daughter
Tabitha Branscomb 1 February 1888 26-3 Benjamin's mother was 92 years old

(William and Henry were of course Benjamin’s brothers. Could B. F. Brown be the husband of one of Joseph E.’s daughters? Joseph E. purchased land from Browns in DeKalb Co., MO.)

The information for Benjamin from the 1900 census comes from David & Pamela Branscom. The family was #37 on p. 73 for Franklin Township:

  When born  
Branscom, Benj Mar 1831 married 26 years
Sarah Feb 1853 9 children. Father b. Ireland, mother b. PA.
Katie Aug 1880  
Carrie (twin) Aug 1884  
Harry (twin) Aug 1884  
Guy Dec 1887  
Earnest Dec 1890  
Carl Apr 1893  

The following list of children for Benjamin is gleaned from the census data and from birth, death and cemetery records for Jackson County; additional information for Earl and his family was obtained by Emily Stoneburner Simmons from her mother.

The children of Alice:

  • 71. Earl Alonzo Branscomb, b. 21 May 1852 d. 1935. CEB states, p. 80, that Earl married on 15 June 1873 Martha H. Comer. He shows also a marriage in Jackson County on 26 August 1873 between Earl Branscomb and Adeline B. Stiffler. Emily Simmons gives the date for this marriage as 26 August 1878. #51222 Jennifer Smith gives the date as 23 August 1878. She adds that Addie was b. in Jackson Co. 6 June 1853, d. 2 January 1927 and that the marriage ended in divorce. All of these statements require confirmation. Betty Lawrence found two Addie Branscombs in the birth and death records for the county: (1) Addie Branscomb, no birth date given, d. January 1927; (2) Addie Branscomb, b. 1887, d. August 1936 This first Addie was probably the wife who divorced Earl, and the second Addie was probably their daughter.
  • Earl had a long red beard and was called “Red.” He was known as a colorful character. He was reported as having ridden his white horse into a church. When he was 54 years old he married Nora Mae Dozier. It was reported to be a shotgun wedding with Nora’s brother wielding the weapon. Earl and Nora had seven children. All of the children except John B. and Sam lived in Jackson, Vinton and/or Ross Counties during their entire lives. (ID numbers for these children will change when we learn about any children Earl had by his first two wives.)

    • 711. Alice/Allice Branscom, md. Carl Benson. Their children were Guy, Earl, Harry, Roy, Cecil, June and Marvin.
    • 712. Clara Branscom, b. 24 August 1906; md. Jesse Clary. Their children were Susan, Marcella, Iva, Alice, Effie, Majel Vitzel, Delbert, Ronald and Judy.
    • 713. John Benjamin Branscom (“Jack”), b. 1909, d. of cancer in Midland, MI, 1988, bur. Beverton Cem. He was nearly seven feet tall. Md. (1) Jean Shump; one son, Paul. Md. (2) Marion Martin (bur. Beverton Cem.). One stillborn child. Jack was a construction worker who owned his equipment.
    • 714. Lee Branscom, b. 26 October 1910, d. 13 May 1997. The name of his wife is unknown. Three children: Robert, George and Donald.
    • 715. Ollie Branscom, b. 19 December 1904, d. 1983; md. in Jackson Co. ca. 1920 Wayne Magill Tennant (b. in Jackson Co. 18 December 1900, d. in Gallipolis, OH, 24 March 1976); both bur. Fairview Cem. in Ray, OH. Their children were Raymond Bernard, Darryl, Virginia Venear (“Jenny”), Grace Elizabeth, and Bertha L. (This information from Nancy Tennant. Emily S. Simmons’ list of the children gives Paul but not Darryl.)
    • 716. Paul Branscom, b. 20 February 1911, d. 1 January 1912; bur. Mt. Zion Cem. Jackson Co.
    • 717. Sam Ray Branscom, b. 4 March 1920, d. 28 April 1990; bur. Midland, MI. He was a veteran of WW2. Md. Jeannie McDonald. One child, Pam. Sam was a construction worker in Michigan.

  • 72. Austin Branscomb, b. 25 June 1854, d. 23 July 1855 (Cemetery records). The DOB would make him a twin to Earl.
  • 73. Harvey Alfred Branscomb, b. 3 March 1857 OH, DOD unknown; md in Los Angeles City 13 March 1883 Nellie F. Nicholson, age 18 (=b. ca. 1864-1865) The marriage register states that Nellie was born in Oregon and that she was residing in Newhall, which is in Los Angeles Co., northwest of the city. Annie Richardson and S. L. Nicholson were witnesses. (Los Angeles Co. Marriage Records: Book 8, page 247). One child, Richard E., b. September 1883, is known. The marriage was probably over by 1888: the 1888-90 Directory for the city of Los Angeles provides two addresses for Harvey A. Branscomb: #32 Jackson (Street) and #347 Alpine. The directory stated that Harvey’s occupation was “livery stable.” Did Nellie reside at one address and Harvey at the other, or had Nellie died? The 1900 Soundex for California (48-163-11-14) shows Harvey as a widower, but that term was also used frequently for divorced males. He was residing in the household of Albert M. Hansley in Hueneme Twp., Ventura Co.
  • A book, On the Old West Coast, mentions Harvey; the book comprises the reminiscences of a ranger, Major Horace Bell. While discussing the mid-1880s Bell wrote,

    The tables are now completely turned. It is the squatters that have become arrogant and somewhat savage. El Basquo Grande scarcely dares to ride along the highway in front of settlers’ locations but chooses the byways. A leader of the settlers has risen up, by name Harvey Branscomb. He is not averse to winning a reputation as a frontier fighter and he takes an occasional shot at the Big Basque just to show who is boss. Leonis is afraid of his neighbors now. His herds have diminished and he tries grain farming, but that is a dangerous business for a man with so many enemies for grain fields burn so easily. . . . After the death of Leonis, Harvey Branscomb constituted himself a sort of successor to the Basque as a ruler of the settlers and more bloody trouble blighted the region; quarrels and killings revived and made it a dread country again. The drought fell upon it, and quietude. Now it is waiting, in all its beauty, for a revival, and may its future history be peaceful and productive as befits such a naturally glorious region. (Chapter 18, pp. 192-194)

    The son of Harvey and Nellie:

    • 731. Richard E. Branscomb, b. 7 September 1883; md. 17 August 1907 Ida Belle Woodruff, age 21, native of Colorado, residing in Hollywood. The marriage record shows Richard’s birthplace as Newhall. and his occupation as bookkeeper (Los Angeles County Marriage Records). Other information concerning Richard comes from his draft registration card for World War I. It gives his parentage and his DOB, his residence (2014 Michigan Avenue in Los Angeles), the name of his wife (Bella), and his occupation (collection agent for a gas and electric company). The card also had a notation, “weak eyes.”
      (Information for Harvey and Richard provided by Bill Cole.)

  • 74. Effie M. Branscomb, b.31 December 1859; md. (given name unknown) Dollison. One child is known: Paul. (Information from #51222 Jennifer Smith)
  • 75. Alice M. Branscomb, b. 1861. (CEB showed a Hallie, b. 1861.)
  • 76. Benjamin D. Branscomb, b. 4 April 1863, d. of a cerebral hemorrhage 6 May 1943 in Santa Monica, CA; bur. in the Todd & Leslie Mortuary. The dates are from Benjamin’s death certificate (provided by Bill Cole). The informant, Mrs. Beatrice Walker, knew nothing about Benjamin beyond the DOB, DOD, marital status, occupation, length of time in the community (one year) and in California (25 years). The death certificate states that he was single, a rancher and in the grain business. The address was given as 1433 Fifth Street in Santa Monica, and that was also Mrs. Walker’s address; was Benjamin in a boarding house or perhaps a home for the elderly?
  • On 13 February 1905 Benjamin D. Branscom received a homestead patent in Los Angeles Co. for 160 acres: the NE¼ of S35 T1N R17W as measured from the San Bernardino meridian. While there were so many Benjamin Branscombs in California that it is impossible to be certain that all of these data apply to this particular individual–and occasionally someone mistakenly inserts a “D.” into a record as a middle initial for another Benjamin,– this patent appears to be for #76 Benjamin. (CEB stated that Benjamin D. Branscom married 5 July 1881 Miranda Inman, but that Benjamin was #47, the s/o Henry.)

  • 77. Tabitha A. Branscomb, b. 1 February 1865.
  • 78. William A. Branscomb, b. 27 March 1866, d. May 1944; bur. Fairmount Cem., Lick Twp.
  • 79. Leander Branscomb, b. 23 August 1868. The Leander Branscom who received a homestead land patent in Jones Co., SD, on 7 March 1912 could have been this one; the patent was for 160 acres, the N½ and the SE¼ of the SE¼ plus the SE¼ of the NE¼. all in S12 T2N R 28E as measured from the Black Hills meridian. The 1910 census for Van Metre Twp., dwelling #35, adds to the hypothesis by showing that Leo was born in Ohio and was approximately the same age as Leander. Leo could well be the name someone would choose to be called if he was given the name Leander at birth.
  •   Age Where born  
    Branscomb, Leo 45 OH M1 for four years
    Anna J. 27 ND  

    The birthplaces for the parents were left blank (someone other than Leo must have provided the information to the enumerator). Anna’s father was born in Sweden and her mother in Denmark. No information was given for any children. (Census data from Carolyn Canida. PLEASE NOTE: the ancestry of Leander Branscom in SD is not confirmed.)

  • 7A (= 10). Lillian L. Branscomb (“Lily”), b. 8 June 1870 (birth & death records); d, September 1958 (reported by Jenny Smith). Md. in Jackson Co. 20 May 1895 James Ellsworth McGee/McGhee (b. in Jackson Co. 24 January 1868, d. 25 January 1933). James was the s/o Allen McGhee and Lydia Lively. James & Lily had three children: Arla Ruby, Lava Eudora and Hypathia Mercedes. After James died Lily moved to New Castle, PA.
  • 7B (=11). Thomas J. Branscomb, b. 29 December 1872, d. 12 July 1873 of inflammation of the brain (meningitis?) [birth & death records]. CEB named a wife for Thomas!
  • The children of Sarah:

  • 7C (=12) Myrtie D. Branscomb, b. ca. 1875. CEB stated that on 12 May 1897 Myrtle married William A. Bartlett.
  • 7D (=13). John A. Branscomb, b. March 1876, d. 28 May 1878. (birth & death records)
  • 7E (=14). Herbert A. Branscomb, b. 19 February 1878, d. July 1964 (birth & death records). Md Mary A. (surname unknown).
  • 7F (=15). Kate/Katie, b. August 1880. CEB stated that Kate md. Zurch Dow.
  • 7G (=16). Carrie Branscomb, b. 3 October 1884 (birth records.) CEB named her husband as Albert Deddie.

Another Benjamin Branscom, whose connection with Richard Branscomb the immigrant is still unknown, was in Henry County, IN, at least by 1822. See Benjamin Branscom of Henry Co., IN

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