Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The Children of David and Mary/Polly Branscomb:
Sarah Branscomb

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The line of descent for Sarah Branscomb:

3. Sarah Branscomb

Sarah Branscomb (“Sally”), was b. 1822 Ky., d. 9 October 1876; md. 1 June 1843 in Johnson Co. John May (b. 8 June 1824, d. 27 March 1900). It is probable that John and the A. J. (Andrew Jackson?) May who married Sally’s sister Elizabeth were brothers. As noted in the estate records of David Branscomb, John purchased his father-in-law’s real estate after David’s death. During the Civil War John served in Company F of the 31st Regiment of Illinois Infantry (“Echoes from Elvira,” June 1993; provided by J. D. Thomas). After Sarah’s death, John married on 12 June 1877 Mrs. Elizabeth (Stone) Rushing, a widow whose first husband was Peyton Rushing. John had a third marriage: on 1 February 1887 to Mrs. Anna Hines, age 32.

Six children are known for John and Sally.

31. William May, b. ca. 1844. On 3 January 1864 a William May married in Johnson Co. Jemima Yates. (Book A, p. 339)

32. Margaret J. May was born 12 November 1845.

33. Polly Ellen May was born circa 1848.

34. Nancy May was born 2 January 1850. She was probably the Nancy May who married in Johnson Co. John Roberts on 10 January 1875 (Book for 1874-1875, p. 148.)

35. James Henry May was born 21 January 1853; died 24 November 1923; bur. Reynolds Cem. He was a farmer and coal miner. He married 2 September 1875 Martha E. Mawell, b. ca. 1858.

36. John B. May, b. 29 February 1860. He md. 26 October 1882 Elizabeth Church. It was a double wedding; the other couple was Levi L. Smoot and Wilmoth Ann Yandell.

(Information partially from handwritten entries on a report to the Bureau of Pensions on 15 January 1898; the list also included two children born to John’s second wife.)

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