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The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The Children of David and Mary/Polly Branscomb:
James Branscomb

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The line of descent for James Branscomb:

7. James Branscomb

The 1850 census for Johnson Co., Ill., shows James in the home of his parents David and Polly, his age as 21, and his birthplace as Ind. The marriage books in Johnson Co. show that on 9 March 1853 he married Artelia Leonard, but subsequent records show the name of his wife as Ruth A. or Rutha A. It is considerably more likely that the wife’s given names were Ruth or Rutha Artelia than that James had a second wife. The 1860 census for Johnson Co. shows Rutha as age 25, b. Tenn.; James was listed as age 21 (should be 31), b. Ind. The state census for 1865 shows James as head of a household in Sulphur Springs Precinct of Johnson County; residing in the household were a male and a female between the ages of 30 and 40, a male and female between the ages of 10 and 20, and two males and a female younger than 10 years. These census data are relatively consistent with the known information for James and his family, but there are exceptions. By the time that James’s father David died in 1864, all of James’s brothers were also dead. James took only a small part in the settlement of his father’s estate, probably because he was busy with the estates of his two youngest brothers (Wesley and Edmond). James did purchase a clock for ten cents and a hand saw for 35 cents at the estate sale for his father, and he did have a claim of $48.62 against his father’s estate.

The deed records for Johnson Co. show that on 17 October 1868 James Branscome purchased land from Jesse Garland (Deed Book N, p. 263). No information about James and his family is available for the next decade. At the time of the 1880 census, however, he and his family are located in Stone Co., Ark.

Following is the information from that census (household #100 in Locust Grove Township):

  Age Where
James Branscum   Ky. Ky. Ky. (The 1910 census gives his DOB as Jan. 1828.)
Rutha A. 44 Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.  
James J. 15 Ill. Ky. Tenn. (James Jasper)
Minnie E. 4 Ark. Ky. Tenn.  
James L. Wallace 20 Ark. Tenn. Tenn. (Son-in-law)
Esther J. 17 Ill. Tenn. Tenn.  

Within the same household was David M. Branscumb, age 24, and his family. Although the number of persons in Stone County named James Branscumb is too large to be certain about most of them, a homestead patent dated 17 June 1879 was almost certainly for James Branscumb, the son of David and Polly, as shown by the birthplaces of their children as given in the 1880 census. The two eldest children, James Jasper and Esther Jane, were born in Illinois, and four-year-old Minnie was born in Arkansas. The patent for James (Sr.) consisted of 80 acres, the E ½ of the NW1/4 of S24 T15 R13 (Tract book41, p. 140.) That tract was northeast of Onia on Mill Creek.

Also from this census we can be relatively confident of at least five children for James and Rutha: David Martin, b. April 1855 Ill.; Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1859 Ill.; Esther Jane, b. July 1862 Ill.; James Jasper, b. ca. 1863-1865; Ill., and Minnie E., b. ca. 1876.

The next available census was for the year 1900. During that year James Sr. and Rutha were living in the home of their daughter Minnie and her husband Samuel Lee. By 1910 neither James nor Rutha was found, and it is likely that they had both died by then. Following is information about their children:

71. David Martin Branscumb. b. 5 April 1855 in Illinois, but two census records say in Missouri; d. before 1905 in Stone Co., Ark. Md. (1) in Searcy Co., Ark., Stacy Emaline Branscum, d/o Wesley Branscomb and Jane Dobbs. David was the eldest son of James, and Stacy Emaline was the last of ten children for his uncle Wesley. Emaline was born in 1848 and was therefore approximately seven years older than David. I do not have her DOD, but it appears that she died before 1897, because David remarried in that year.

David and Emaline had five children:

711. Rebecca A. Branscum, b. ca. 1873.She married in Mississippi Co., Missouri, on 16 November 1891 Levi Brown Reed (b. ca. 1864), whose parents were William Reed and Mary “Polly” Branscumb. Mary’s parents were Edmond and Nancy Branscumb. (The data for this marriage is uncertain and requires further research.)

712. James W. Branscum. b. ca. 1876. Md. in Stone Co., Ark., on 18 June 1897 to Ollie E Branscum, daughter of George W. Branscum and Margaret M. Hodges. George’s parents were #D-612 James Branscum and #W-86 Ollie E. Branscum.

713. Sarah E. Branscum, b. August 1879 in Illinois.

72. Sarah Elizabeth Branscum, b. August 1859 in Illinois, d. 21 May 1935. She md. in Stone Co., Ark., on 14 September 1879 Solomon Brewer (b. November 1854 in Tenn.; d. 26 January 1926; both bur. in Ward Cemetery near Fifty-six in Stone Co. At the time of the 1880 and the 1910 censuses Solomon and Sarah E. were in Sylamore Township, whereas the 1900 census found them l living in Northwest Township.

They had nine children:

721. Rose C. (Callie) Brewer, b. 30 June 1880, d. 22 April 1941. Md. ca. 1904 Tim D. Sartin (b. 16 November 1880 in Arkansas, d. 6 June 1979; both bur. Stevens Cem. They had four children; it appears that three of them died at early ages.

722. James J. Brewer, b. 14 February 1882, d. 4 April 1925. Md. 3 May 1903 in Stone Co. Samantha E. Ward (b. 10 November 1885, d. 9 April 1929; both bur. Stevens Cem. on Roasting Ear Creek. In the 1900 census for Stone Co. James was shown as a boarder in the home of Samantha’s parents. M. H. and Rebecca Ward. The 1910 census shows James and Sarah and four children in dwelling #150 of Sylamore Twp. and Solomon Brewer as the head of family #152.

723. Albert Mathis Brewer was b. in July 1886. He married 22 October 1907 in Stone Co. #W-511 Nellie J. Williams ( b. March 1884, d/o Henry Williams and Margaret Branscum and granddaughter of Wesley and Jane Branscomb. Albert and Nelly had two children.

724. Jonas Leonard Brewer, b. March 1889; md. 30 June 1908 in Stone Co. #W-513 Marjorie Paralee Williams (b. August 1889). Marjorie was the younger sister of #W-511 Nellie. No further information is known for either couple.

725. Ambrose J. Brewer, b. May 1892. No further information is known for him.

726. Willie Austin Brewer, (b. 9 March 1894, d. 6 February 1940.) Md. 18 October 1914 in Stone Co. Bertha R. Balentine (b. 25 January 1898, d. 22 October 1934). Bertha was the daughter of William Levi Moore and Diza Ann Branscumb, and Disa was the daughter of Moses Branscumb and Anna Passmore. On 6 December 1920 Willie received a land grant of 160 acres north of Onia: The W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of S13 and the E ½ of the NE1/4 of S14 T15 R13.

727. Willis Oscar Brewer, b. November 1896. Md. in Stone Co. 4 July 1915 Lucy Balentine (b. 11 July 1894). Lucy’s parents were Joseph William Balentine and Mahulda Jane Branscomb. They had six children. Mahulda Jane’s parents were Andrew Branscomb and Louisa A. “Lucy” Barnes; her grandfather was Andrew, son of Edmund Branscomb.

728. Floyd Brewer. No data.

729. Loyd Dexter Brewer, b. 5 May 1903, d. 1 October 1965; bur. Cooper Hill Cemetery. Md. 27 July 1924 Mary Ethel Gammill (b. 10 May 1907). (Of the children of Solomon and Sarah, one child died early, and I have no information for it.)

73. Esther Jane Branscum. b. July 1862 Ill. Md. in Stone Co. 8 April 1880 Jonas Lee Wallace (b. ca. 1860 Ark.) The 1880 census shows Jonas and Esther in the home of her parents. They had two children, Walter and Esther. Esther Jane Wallace was granted a divorce from Lee Wallace on 28 December 1882. Thereafter Esther married on 26 February 1883 Joseph Brewer. (Born in Tennessee ca. 1835.) The 1870 census for Searcy Co., Ark., showed both Solomon Brewer, age 18, and his brother Joseph, age 20, in the home of their mother Margaret. The 1880 census showed four children: J. Rudolph, b. November 1883; Martin S, b. June 1885; Joseph S., b. February 1889, and Betty R., b. December 1891.

One further record for Esther was confusing. It appears that her second husband Joseph Brewer died in 1892 at age 42. Then on 18 February 1893 “Easter Reeves” married in Pleasant Ridge Church Joseph H. Reed of Stone County. The parents of this Easter Reeves were given as “Jas Branscum” and “____ Linard.,” which is close enough to James Branscum and __ Leonard to raise further questions. The question is settled partially by entries in the marriage records and in the 1900 census for Timbo township: Joseph Henry Reed b. March 1867 in Johnson Co., Ill., son of William Reed and Mary Branscomb, were married in Stone County on 18 April 1893. Mary was the daughter of Edmond Branscumb and Nancy Cristle. At the time of the 1900 census Joseph H. Reed and his wife Esther were living in Timbo Township with their two children and Esther’s three children by an earlier marriage (evidently one of her four children by Joseph Brewer had not survived or was living elsewhere.) The two children fathered by J. H. Reed were Cora Reed (b. August 1894) and James V. Reed, b. July 1897. As to the remaining mystery, the conversion of Esther’s name to Easter Reeves, perhaps the problem was the qualifications or the sobriety of the recorder; at least the groom’s surname (Reed) was somewhat similar to the “Reeves” which he recorded for the bride.

74. James Jasper Branscum, called “Doc”; b. ca 1863 or 1865 in Ill, d. early 1910 in Stone Co. Ark., Md. in Stone Co. 14 November 1887 Sarah E. Sutterfield (b. ca. 1867) As far as I know, the “Doc” was only a nickname and not a profession. In a letter dated 21 June 1910, my great-grandfather Isaac wrote to his daughter Effie Tubbs, “Doc Branscum and Sam Lee has both died lately of consumption.” James and Sarah had three children, but I have no data for the first child. Child #2 was Laura, b. ca. 1895; child #3 was Lillian, b. ca. 1903. Lillie married in Stone Co. at age 16 Edgar Long, age 22. The marriage took place one day after Edgar’s divorce from Dora Stevens was final.

James md. (2) in Timbo on 30 August 1905 Maggie Evans (b. 1890). She bore him two children: #4 Bertha, b. ca. 1907 and #5 William, b. ca 1909. I have no more knowledge of these children nor of Maggie after she was widowed at such a tender age.

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