Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







Edmond Branscomb Jr., son of Edmund Branscomb Sr. and Joanna Ingram

Following is the line of descent for Edmond, son of Edmund:

(Note: Hereinafter the first three digits of the identification numbers are omitted. Note also: the official records for the father and the son show their names as Edmund, Edmond, Edward, Ed, etc. In order to distinguish between father and son, I use the spelling "Edmund" for the father and "Edmond" for the son, except when quoting specific documents where I use the spellings as given.)

Young Edmond's name appears in the tax rolls for Greensville County, VA, in 1823 and 1826 as a male age 16 or older in the household of his father Edmund. These records suggest that Edmond was born circa 1807. The ages reported in the censuses for Edmond/ Edward/Ed in Jackson Co. OH, are inconsistent. In 1840 he was between ages 40 and 50 (=b. between 1790 and 1800), in 1850 he was 46 (=b. ca. 1804), in 1860 he was 48 (=b. ca. 1812), and in 1870 he was 70 (=b. ca. 1800). In 1824 the Greensville tax roll reads "Edmund & sons," and in 1825 two sons are listed but not named. Edmond Jr. is not listed after 1826, but his marriage in Greens­ville County in 1930 suggests that he had not moved away. Furthermore, the birthplaces for his children as shown in the 1850 census suggest that he did not move to Ohio until circa 1837. (The Greensville County tax rolls for 1830 and later may tell us more.)

The few known facts about Edmond (Jr.) are so divergent that much is in doubt. After his name in the Greensville County tax rolls in 1826, the next known mention of him in the official records is his marriage in Greensville Co., VA, on 3 November 1830 to Martha R. Caudle (John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Greensville County, Viriginia, Marriages , 1781-1853, p. 13). In 1840 he appears as Edward Branscomb in the census for Lick Township, Jackson County, OH. The household consisted of a male between 40 and 50 years of age, a female age 20-30, and two males and a female under five years of age. Presumably he came to that area because his brother Benjamin and other residents of Greensville and Brunswick Counties, VA, had already relocated there.

Edmond is also mentioned in the will of his father Edmund in Greensville County, dated 3 February 1844. Edmund Sr. bequeathed to his son Edmond the 163 acres which earlier he had given to his older son Benjamin; Benjamin had sold the land to William A. May in October 1834 (Deed Book 7, p. 199). Then on 17 November 1838, after he moved to West Tennessee, William May sold it to Edmund Sr. (Book 8, p. 38). The question arises as to why Edmund Sr. would bequeath land to his son Edmond if that son had departed Greensville County several years earlier; the likely answer is that Edmund Sr. had given property to his other adult sons previously, and this bequest was the father's way of being even-handed with his children.

By January 1845 Ed­mond's wife was named as Ann, not Martha R., and the 1850 census for Jackson Co., OH, gives her name as Mary Ann. Perhaps Martha R. and Mary Ann were two names for the same person, but the logical assumption is that Martha died and that Edmond remarried. Another reason to believe that Martha R. was dead, or perhaps divorced from Edmond, is the bequest in the will of Edmund Sr. (1844) of a bed to Edmond's daughter Martha Ann (Will Book 6, p. 319). It would be extremely unusual to bequeath such an item of furniture to someone many miles away, so we can assume that this daughter was in Greens­ville County, VA, when Edmund Sr. wrote the will. But if her mother Martha R. went to Ohio with her father, how likely is it that they would leave a daughter age 13 or younger behind in Virginia? And where are the other children who were born before 1837? Men have been known to leave their children with relatives when they lost their wives and then remarried, although it was not commonplace. Another factor to be weighed: Littlebury Caudle, who was security for Edmond when he married Martha Caudle in 1830, moved from Virginia to Lick Township of Jackson County at some time between 1844 and 1848, as shown by the birthplaces listed for his children in the 1850 census; he could have been influenced to come to Jackson County by the presence of his sister and brother-in-law. Would he have been likely to make the move if his sister was dead?

On 18 January 1845 Edward Branscomb and his wife Ann of Jackson County, OH, sold 160 acres in Greensville County, VA, to Peter Ferguson (Deed Book 8, p. 475). The property may have been re-surveyed, or perhaps the boundaries were not precisely the same as those of the 163-acre tract, but its location on Douglas Run bordering the lands of Ann, Elias and Ethelred Ferguson are strong indicators that this is the same tract he inherited from his father. Francis Ferguson had died, and it appears that his land bordering Edmond Sr.'s property had devolved to some of his heirs. Peter Ferguson was possibly one of the heirs.

The 1850 census for Jackson Co., OH, shows "Edward's" family thus (household #945, p. 298):

  Age Where born
Branscome, Edward  46 VA
Mary Ann 42 VA
Sarah E. 13 VA
James W. 12 OH
Susannah 6 OH
Margaret 4 OH
Emond (sic) 2 OH

One of the young males from 1840 is missing. IF Mary Ann was a second wife, and IF Sarah E. was her daughter by Edmond, the marriage must have taken place in Virginia in 1836 or earlier.

The records suggest that Mary Ann died between 1850 and 1855; the marriage books for Jackson County show that on 12 July 1855 Edward Branscomb married Cathe­rine Thompson. In 1860 Edmond Branscomb, age 48, b. VA, was in household #1194 of Lick Township, Jackson County (p. 188B). His wife Catherine, age 32, was b. OH, and the one child, Elle A., age 10, was b. OH. None of the children from 1850 were in the household. It is to be expected that Sarah E. would have married by 1860, although the record has not yet been found; James married in December 1860 (see below), and Susannah was living in the household of Edmond's brother Benjamin. The other children have not been located.

The 1870 census for Jackson County shows Ed Branscomb as head of household #46 In Franklin Township; the post office was Camba (p. 27A):

  Age Where born
Branscomb, Ed  70 VA
Catharine 48 OH
Isaac 11 OH
Louisa 7 OH

As shown in the census index, "Elsan Branscomb," age 20, was listed in a separate household on p. 28.

As yet no information has been found for Edmond or Catharine after 1870.

Information about the children of Edmond Jr. is sparse. We can be confident that Martha Ann was the child of Edmond's wife Martha Caudle, and it is logical to assume that children #2 through #8 were Mary Ann's; the last two were Catharine's.

  • 1. Martha Ann Branscomb, b. ca 1831-1835 VA All we know about Martha Ann is her name in the will of her grandfather Edmund Sr. Edmund bequeathed to her a bed and furniture (=mattress and coverings). It is unlikely that Edmund would have made this bequest to someone living at a distance. The reasonable assumption is that Martha Ann continued to live in the vicinity of Greensville and Brunswick Counties after her father and his second wife had moved to Jackson County, Ohio. As Ed­mond's daughter by his wife Martha R. Caudle, she would be no older than 13 in February 1844 when Edmund wrote his will, and her birth date was some time between 1831 and 1835.

  • 2. Sarah E. Branscomb, b. ca. 1837 VA. Nothing is known for her except her name in the 1850 census.

  • 3. Male, b. 1835-1840, as shown by the 1840 census.

  • 4. James W. Branscomb, b. ca. 1838 OH. James Branscomb married in Jackson Co. on 28 December 1860 Lydia French. She has been married before, as shown by the presence of two sons named French in the 1870 census. (Lydia Beaty md. in Jackson Co. 16 October 1850 Henry French. Her grave marker in Fairmount Cem. shows her as Lydia A. Beaty Branscomb, b. 1827, d. December 1903. Lydia's first husband Henry appears to have been the s/o Bartemus French and Elizabeth Cooley; Bartemus was the brother of John French, who married Joanna Branscomb, d/o Edmond's older brother Benjamin. By 1860 Lydia was widowed; the children at home were Sylvester, Henry L. and Franklin S. [Lick Twp, household #1263])

    The 1870 census for Jackson Twp. shows James's family in the village of Jackson; household #679, p. 181:

  •   Age Where born  
    Branscomb, James 32 OH Jm [Journeyman?] shoemaker
    Lidie 43 PA  
    Sophronia 9 OH  
    Lucy 5 OH  
    Ida 3 OH  
    Duena 1 OH The name is in doubt; close to Duenna in 1880.
    French, Lev (?) 18 OH The writing was indistinct for the given name.
    Frank 16 OH  

    The 1880 census for Lick Township (p. 21, household #4; 36-74-21-7) has this information for James and his family:

      Age Where
    Branscomb, James 40 OH VA VA shoemaker
    Lydia A. 52 OH PA PA  
    French, Henry L. 24 OH OH PA (stepson) laborer
    Franklin S. 24 OH OH PA (stepson) laborer
    Branscomb, Sophronia 18 OH OH OH  
    Lucy 15 OH OH OH  
    Ida 12 OH OH OH  
    Duenna 10 OH OH OH  

    Betty Lawrence also found information about the military record for James (Thomas W. Bowman, Jackson County, Ohio, Military Veteran Burials. Library call no. 977.185/ M2b):

    Mr. Branscomb was born March 1839 in Jackson, Ohio, and died July 1899 of Bright's disease [nephritis] in Jackson, Ohio. He served in the U.S. Army as a Private, Co. K, OVM [Ohio Volun­teer Militia], during the Civil War. He was enlisted August 11, 1862, until June 27, 1865. He is buried in Fairmount Cemetery, lot 35, section D, in Jackson Township.

    Jenny Smith reports these marriages in Jackson County:
    Lucy Branscomb, md. 12 December 1883 Edward G. Rupp
    Deuanna Branscomb, md. 14 November 1889 John H. Jones
    Ida B. Branscomb, md. 22 October 1890 William A. Patton

    Jenny adds for Deuanna information which she learned from C. Shanks: John & Deunna moved to Canton, IL. Deunna died in Canton, and John probably d. ca. 1930 in Ohio. They had children, one of whom was Gaylord, and C. Shanks was a descendant.

    See also "The connection between Branscombs and Hunsingers."

  • 5. Susannah Branscomb, b. ca. 1844 OH. In 1860 she was in the household of Edmond's brother Benjamin Branscomb in Franklin Township.

  • 6. Margaret Branscomb, b. ca. 1846 OH, as shown by the 1850 census. Nothing further is known.

  • 7. Edmond Branscomb, b. ca. 1848, as shown by the 1850 census. Nothing further is known.

  • 8. Ellie A. Branscomb (Elle, Elsan), b. ca. 1850 OH, as shown by the 1860 and 1870 censuses.

  • 9. Isaac Branscomb, b. 5 September1861, d. 1931; md. in Jackson Co 21 November 1885 Mattie M. Holcomb; as reported by Jenny Smith. The 1870 census shows his age as 11 years. CEB has him as Isaac H. and Isaac W. Betty Lawrence found in the birth records for Lick Township the names of three children for Isaac N. Branscomb and Martha/Mattie Holcomb:

    • Josephine Branscomb, b. 19 October 1887
    • Elizabeth E. Branscomb, b. 17 July 1889
    • William Morris Branscomb, b. 28 September 1891

    CEB's list does not show Josephine, but it does include William Maurice and Elizabeth E. He names spouses for eleven of twelve children: (CAUTION!)

    • Walter L. Branscomb (also listed as Walter D.); md. Melissa Mercer. Two children, Rachel and Norma
    • Solemon (sic) Branscomb.
    • Elizabeth E. Branscomb md. Warren Richards.
    • William Maurice Branscomb md. Ada L. Lewis. Two children: Mary M. (md. Henry Kline) and William Maurice, Jr. (md. Joan W. Webb)
    • Otto J. Branscomb md. Mammie Crushaw. Two children: Walter (md. Dolores Baker) and Betty (md. Ernest Lunch).
    • Guy Branscomb md. Ida Ginto. Two children: Mary L. (md. Dennis Beams) and Louisa (md. Harold Lamar)
    • Emmett Branscomb md. Jessie Glassys.
    • Dorothy Branscomb md. Gordon Hatcher.
    • Effie P. Branscomb md. William Call.
    • J. Edmond Branscomb md. Velma Thomas. Two children: Jean (md. Harold Englebrook) and Howard E. (md.) Anna Mae Maffeo).
    • Everett J. Branscomb md. Catherine Lomar/Lamar. One child: Everett (md. Lally Rogers).
    • Jessie Branscomb md. Vernon Dennis.

    (In view of the many errors and the lack of documentation in CEB's book, the data concerning Isaac's descendants must be treated with great caution. It is provided here for the benefit of readers who wish to explore further. Anyone who can provide documentary evidence for any of Isaac's family, or for his father Edmond's, is invited to contact Betty Lawrence (see contacts).

    An obituary for Marjorie West Branscomb (b. 19 April 1917, d. 6 July 2003) states that she was the wife of Everett Taylor Branscomb of Wellston, Jackson Co., OH, and that Everett died in 1961. Because CEB's list for the children of Isaac Branscomb includes Everett J., it is possible that this Everett Taylor Branscomb was somehow connected. See also the unidentified Taylor Branscom mentioned below under "Unidentified Branscombs."

  • 10. Louisa Branscomb, b. ca. 1863 OH, as shown by the 1870 census. Nothing further is known for her.

Unidentified Branscombs in Jackson County, OH

1. The 1880 census for Lick Township lists this family (household 386, p. 100; 36-74-43-44):

  Age Where
Branscom, Taylor 32 OH unknown for both  coal miner
Mary 27 KY KY KY  
William 5 OH OH KY  
Florence 2 OH OH OH  

Often a census record in which the birthplaces of the parents are shown as unknown is evidence for a birth out of wedlock. The information here is too limited to permit more than speculation. The obituary for Marjorie West Branscomb, widow of Everett Taylor Branscomb, which is reported above under #B-49 Isaac Branscomb, may be for someone who married a descendant of this Taylor Branscom.

A Taylor Branscom, b OH ca. 1848, could have been fathered by one of the sons of Benjamin Branscomb who migrated to Jackson Co. circa 1830-1833, or he could have been a son of Edmond; but no known information supports those speculations. For the present, Taylor's ancestry is unknown.

2-3. Two other Branscombs in Johnson Co. are unidentified; Betty Lawrence found these deaths for Fairmount Cemetery in Lick Township:
Arthur Branscomb, b. 1885, d. March 1962
William V. Branscomb, b. 1909, d. April 1969

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