Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







Elizabeth Burris, wife of Henry Branscomb

The line of descent for Elizabeth Burris:

  1. Richard Branscomb, d. 1775 in Brunswick County, Va.; md. Sarah Proctor. Richard and Sarah were the parents of:
  2. John Branscomb, d. 1821 in Wayne County, Ky.; md. Olive E. ___ . John and Olive were the parents of:
  3. Rebecca Branscomb, b. ca. 1783 in either Brunswick County or Greensville County, Va.; d. after 1860 in Macon County, Mo. Md. in Patrick County, Va., ___ Burris. Rebecca Burris and her husband were the presumed parents of:
  4. Elizabeth Burris, b. ca. 1809 Va., d. 10 January 1898. Bur. Pleasant Home Cem., Putnam County, Mo.

Other families from Wayne County, Ky., who migrated to Macon County, Mo. prior to 1850 included Vestals and Burrises. Daniel Barrow, brother of Roland Branscomb’s wife Nancy Barrow, also joined them. William Burris, age 40, b. Va., was shown in the 1850 census for Macon County, and in his household was Rebecca Burris, age 67, b. Va., who was surely his mother. Rebecca Burris was named as a daughter in John Branscomb’s will, and it is very likely, therefore, that she was Henry’s much older sister (Rebecca b. ca. 1783, Henry b. ca. 1809). She was evidently also the mother of Henry’s wife Elizabeth, meaning that Elizabeth was Henry’s niece. Near the Branscombs in Macon County in 1850 were Joseph and Malinda Stone; Joseph married Rebecca Burris’s daughter Malinda in Wayne County in 1837. Joseph was the son of Reuben Stone and Elizabeth Branscomb, and Elizabeth Branscomb was another sister of Rebecca, Roland and Henry. Separate accounts provide the histories for these relatives.

Maude Branscomb reported that some relatives had strong opinions that Henry’s wife Elizabeth was a Stone, and they mentioned Crocker Stone as a possible relative. No records have been found for a Crocker Stone in Wayne County, Ky., or Macon County, Mo. However, among the children of Joseph and Malinda Burris Stone was a Crogan, pronounced “krŏ' -gŭn,” who gained some notoriety as a major in the Federal army during the Civil War and whom family and friends looked upon as a hero. I suggest that Elizabeth’s presumed relative “Crocker” Stone was in actuality her nephew Crogan. (Information about Crogan from Gail McDowell)

Within a decade after Henry’s death Elizabeth remarried: on 8 October 1865 Elizabeth Branscomb married Oliver Houghton in Putnam County (Marriage Book 1, p. 328). In her book about the Putnam County cemeteries, Sarah L. Phillips (Phillips, Sarah L. -- Putnam County, Missouri, Cemeteries, Volumes A and B, 1990, Kirksville, Mo.: Simpson Printing Co. Available from the author at 2120 Garfield, Unionville, Mo. 63565. Marjorie Warren lent me her copy.) wrote that Elizabeth was Oliver’s second wife. She was actually the third wife; the first wife was Ann Jones and the second was Cynthia Ann Dudley. Cynthia died in 1864. (Information about Oliver’s marriages came from Marjorie Warren.)

The 1870 census for Putnam County, p. 230, shows Oliver as the head of dwelling #89:
  Age Sex Where born Given name (not in the census)
Houghton, O. 69 M Vt. Oliver
E. 60 F Ky. Elizabeth
Branchom, V. A. 14 F Mo. Virginia Anna
(Also listed were five children surnamed Houghton, ages 8-16, all b. Mo.)

#7 Daniel “Branchom,” son of Henry and Elizabeth, and his wife Sarah Houghton Branscomb, who was Oliver’s daughter by Cynthia, were in dwelling #90.

Oliver died in 1872, and Elizabeth was widowed for the second time. After Oliver’s death she went to live with her son George Riley; at least she was there by the time of the 1880 census. Elizabeth’s death was reported in two local newspapers: The Putnam County Leader for 14 January 1898 recorded under “Martinstown” news: “Mrs. Houghton died Monday at the home of her son Riley Branscom east of this place.”) The Unionville Republican for 19 January 1898 had this statement under “Martinstown:”

Old Mrs. Houghton died Monday night the 10th and was buried on Wednesday at Pleasant Home cemetery. She was eighty seven years old and had been blind over a year but regained her sight the day previous to her death.

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