Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







Enoch Branscomb (son of Richard Branscomb II)

The line of descent for Enoch Branscomb is:

  1. Richard Branscomb, the immigrant (d. 1775 in Brunswick County, VA) and Sarah Proctor, parents of:
  2. Richard Branscomb II (ID#2; d. 1829 in Greensville Co., VA), father of:
  3. Enoch Branscomb (ID#24; b. ca. 1796 or 1797)

The censuses for Greensville Co. for 1850 to 1870 support a birth year for Enoch of 1796 or 1797, and the censuses for 1820 and 1840 support that time period. The censuses for 1810 and 1830 do not. Enoch’s name shows first on the tax rolls for 1815 as a white male age 16 or older. As stated in the genealogical history for his father Richard II, he appears to have become the head of household in 1828, possibly while his father was still alive. Tax rolls after 1830 have not yet been reviewed. Enoch married in Greensville County on 26 June 1828 Margaret Richardson; William Richardson was security and William Jones, minister, officiated. The 1850 census shows Enoch’s wife as S. M., the 1860 census shows Sallie M., and the 1870 census shows Sally A. The assumption is that Enoch had only one wife, Sarah (Sally) Margaret Richardson.

Following is the census record for Enoch’s family in Greensville Co. for 1830:

  Males   Females   Probable identities (not from census)
Persons age 50-60 1 1 Enoch’s brother William; unknown female
Persons age 20-30 1 1 Enoch (should be 30-40) and Sallie
Persons age 10-15 1 0 ??
Persons under 5 1 0 Stith Patrick
Two young male slaves, six female slaves

(Although it is impossible to identify the female between the ages of 50 and sixty, one likely person would be Enoch’s widowed mother; according to Richard’s will, she was alive at the time he wrote it. However, she would be considerably older than 60 years in 1830, given that her son William was born ca. 1782-1783, so that identification is possible only if the stated age range for her is in error. The unknown female could have been Sally’s mother, however.)

Following is the record from the 1840 census:

  Males   Females   Probable identities (not from census)
Persons age 60-70 1 0 Enoch’s brother William Branscomb
Persons age 40-50 1 0 Enoch
Persons age 30-40 0 1 Enoch’s wife Sallie
Persons age 10-15 1 0 Stith Patrick
Persons age 5-10 1 0 Thomas

Following is the record from the 1850 census, p. 379:

  Sex   Age   Probable identities (not from census)
Enoch Branscomb M 54  
  S. M. F 43 Sally Margaret
  S. P. M 21 Stith Patrick
  T. W. M 18 Thomas William
  S. A. F 15 Sarah Anne
  S. E. M 11 Stephen Enoch
  A. W. F 9 Ariadne
  M. J. F 7 Martha
  G. H. M 2 George
  William M 69 (Enoch's brother)

The 1860 census shows the family on p. 612:

Enoch Branscomb 63  
  Sallie M. 53  
  Stephen E. 20  
  Ariadne W. 18  
  Martha 16  
  George H. 11  

In 1870 the family was recorded on p. 352, dwelling #62; all b. VA:

Branscomb, Enoch 73  
  Sally A. 62  
  Stephen E. 30 (Married in January 1870)
  Rosie or Rosa 22 (wife of Stephen E.)
  George 21  

As stated above, Enoch’s name appears on the tax rolls as a white male over the age of 16 in 1815. Enoch is listed as a white male in Richard Branscomb’s household through 1827. For a fuller listing of the tax records, see Richard Branscomb II. Enoch’s brother William was considerably older than Enoch, and until 1820 William’s name was listed first. Beginning in that year, Enoch’s name was listed first. Beginning is 1828, Richard’ name does not appear, and Enoch was evidently the head of household. Richard’s will was not probated until December 1829, so it is possible that Enoch became head of the household prior to Richard’s death. (However, it is expected that Richard would be listed as a titheable male even if not the head of household.)

Following are the entries for Enoch in the Greensville tax rolls for 1828-1830:

1828: Enoch & William Branchcomb (one household): 3 males >16, 1 Black >16, 5 horses. Tax: $2.24.

1829: Enoch alone: 1 white male >16; 2 Blacks >16; 1 Black 12-16; 3 horses. Tax: $1.10

1830: 1 white male >16; 2 Blacks >16; 2 horses. Tax:86¢.

(I have not reviewed the Greensville County tax rolls for years past 1830)

The children of Enoch Branscomb

I have not studied the history of Enoch’s descendants to any appreciable extent. The following items of information for the children of Enoch may be of interest:

  • 241. Stith Patrick (or Patrick Stith) Branscome b. ca. 1829, no doubt draws a portion of his name from one of the descendants of Drury Stith. Drury Stith was a partner with Sterling Black in a mercantile establishment, probably a general store in Brunswick County before Greensville County was formed. Numerous court records show Drury Stith’s attempts to collect from delinquent customers after Black’s death. The first record I have for Stith Patrick Branscome is his presence as a 21-year-old son within the household of his parents in 1850, as shown by Ray R. Sasser Jr’s An annotated 1850 Census for Greensville County, Virginia (Emporia VA, published by the author, 2005), although no doubt he was one of the children enumerated in the 1830 and 1840 censuses for his parents. In 1856 he married his second cousin once removed #1323 Mary Elizabeth Branscomb, d/o Thomas Branscomb and Mary Ann Wyatt. According to Sasser, Stith and Mary E. were in Meherrin Parish of Brunswick Co. at the time of the 1860 census (to be reviewed). By 1870 Stith and Mary had moved to Tippah Co., MS, where his brother Thomas was located at decade earlier. Tippah Co. is on the northern border of the state and adjoins Hardeman Co., TN. The 1870 census shows P. S. Branscome, p. 20 extended, dwelling #225, in R1 T2, Salem Post Office. (All b. VA).
    Branscome, P.S. 41  
       Mary E. 35  
      Elma M. 12  
      Mary A. 6  
       Trice, J.N. 23 b. TN, farm laborer

    (The “P’s,” both in the 1850 census and the 1870 census, were difficult to discern and looked much like “L’s.” However, this is almost surely the family of Stith Patrick Branscomb.)

    Next door in dwelling #224 was Stith’s brother T. W. Branscome. (all b. VA).

    In dwelling #226 was a black family headed by P. Branscome, with three children of whom the youngest, three-year-old Georgianna, was born in Mississippi. The logical surmise is that both Stith Patrick’s and “P.” Branscome’s families had moved south at the conclusion of the Civil War (Mary b. VA ca. 1864, Georgianna b. MS ca.1867), where they rejoined #242 Thomas William Branscomb (see #242. below) .

    Also R1 T2 and with a Salem P. O. address, dwelling #10, was Geo. Branscome, age 29, b. VA, whose parentage is still unknown.. (In 1870 George H. the son of Enoch Branscomb was shown as age 21 in Enoch’s household in Virginia..) Also, Willey Branscome was head of a black family in dwelling #8

  • 242. Thomas William Branscomb, T.W. , age 18 years in the 1850 census, is also accounted for in the 1840 census for Enoch in Greensville County, VA. At some point during the next decade Thomas decided to relocate to Mississippi, and the 1860 census finds him, still as T. W., age 27. in Marshall Co., Early Grove P. O, as “farm manager” in the household of A J. Vaughn. The Vaughns were also from Virginia, but details are too meager to ascertain whether they had roots in Brunswick or Greensville Counties.

    On 23 January 1861 T. W. Branscome md. in Tippah Co., MS, Margaret T. (or F.) Doyle. Margaret was shown in the 1850 census for Greensville Co, VA, as age 9 in the household of Z. T. (=Zachariah Thomas) Doyle and his wife S. W. (= Sarah W. Davis); it appears that Margaret’s mother was Zachariah’s first wife, Mary A. Fielding. By 1860 all of the children in this family had moved to Tippah Co., but it is not yet certain that Zachariah the father had done so.

    Shortly thereafter, with the outbreak of the Civil War, T. W. Branscome was in Company E of the 13th Regiment of Tennessee Infantry and then in Company L. He was back in Tippah Co. by 1866: the court records show a suit, Thomas W. Branscomb vs. R. H. Bonner, case # 5292, for the September 1866 term. It was continued at the March 1867 term. (Don Martini, Tippah County, MS, Circuit Court Records, 1849-1886. December 1986. Information provided by Loyce Kelso.) The 1870 census, p. 6, for Salem P. O., R1 T2, Tippah Co., shows T. W. Branscome, age 35, and his wife M. T. age 28, both b. VA, in dwelling #224, next door to P. S. Branscome in dwelling # 225. They had no children. Additional records have not yet been pursued.

    Another record requires further evaluation: Byron Sistler’s book, Early East Tennessee Marriages (Nashville, 1984), is reported to show a marriage of T. W.Branscome to Sarah A. Rogers on 6 October 1864 in the county represented by the letter “C.” I have only a partial key, and it does not include a designation by the single capital letter “C.” Eastern Tennessee is a considerable distance from Mississippi. Additional research is necessary to ascertain the accuracy of this record and of the identity of the groom..

    I have a xerograph of one page of a letter written 28 December 1956, sent by Jessie E. Turner of Chattanooga, TN, to Mrs. Emma Brownlee of Birmingham, AL. It reads, in part:

    My Grandparents, William T. Turner and wife, Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) ARNETT Turner lived on a plantation in Tippah County, Mississippi . . . .On a neighboring plantation was a family by the name of Branscomb.

    During the War ---about 1862 my grandfather was home on furlough--was in uniform--when one day while visiting on porch of the Branscomb home, there was an attack from a small band of bushwhackers---my Grandfather was shot and killed and one or two of the Branscomb family---I think a baby was among the victims--held in the arms of a negro maid who had come to the door to call the group to dinner. . . .Just at that moment the shots were fired . . . . .

    My Grandfather’s body was later removed from the scene on the caisson of an army cannon.

    SOUGHT is the actual DATE and PLACE of the happening---may not have been Tippah County---& the LOCATION of my Grandfather’s grave and the name of the Branscombs killed. (Reproduced precisely as written, including hyphens and periods.)

  • 243. Sally Ann Branscome, b. ca. 1835, was the S. A. Branscome, female, age 15, in the 1850 census for Enoch’s family (Identification by Ray Sasser, Jr. in his annotated transcription for the 1850 census of Greensville Co.) Sasser cites the Greensville Co. marriage register #7, p. 157, for Sally’s marriage in 1858 to George W. Mitchell.The 1850 census for Greensville Co. shows George W. Mitchel (as G. W.), age 14, in dwelling #153 as s/o Thomas Mitchel and Elizabeth Ingram.

  • 244. Stephen Enoch Branscome, b. ca. 1839, as shown by the 1850 and 1860 census records for his parents. I have not pursued records for Stephen E. In Greensville Co. Deed Book 33, p. 472, a deed dated 13 March 1916 listed the heirs of Stephen E. Branscomb as follows: W. R. Branscome, age 27, Fannie L. Branscome, age 24, T. E. Branscome, age 22, and R. M. Branscome, age 18, all of Ante in Brunswick Co., VA; and G. E. Branscome, age 44, of Colom, OK. T. E. Branscome signed as “personal representative.”

    The 1910 census for Hughes Co., OK, p. 202, dwelling #181 (Soundex, 27-111-183), shows this last named heir as George E. Branscome, age 39, b. VA. with his wife Mottie, age 35, b. AR, and seven children: Thomas, age14 years; Steven E., age 13; Floyd L., age 11; Eugene H., age 8; Lular M., age 5, Ivie C. (=Ivan), age 4, and Clare A., age 9 months. All were b. AR except the youngest, Clare, who was b. OK..

  • 245. Ariadne W. Branscomb, b. ca. 1841, and 246. Martha J. Branscomb, b. ca. 1843: The only available information for them is their presence in the household of their parents in1850 and 1860 as shown by the census records.

  • 247. George H. Branscomb, b. ca. 1848. His name appears in the census records for his parents in 1850, 1860 and 1870. (The Geo Branscome in the Tippah Co., MS, census for 1870 was b. ca. 1841.)




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