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The connection between Branscombs and Hunsingers

The 1860 census for Lick Township, Jackson County, OH, p. 162, dwelling #1163, shows Samuel Huntsinger, age 64, and his wife Mary, age 57, both born in Switzerland, as were their three eldest children. Jacob, age 35, Samuel, age 30 and Elizabeth, age 26. Four younger children, including Francis, a male, age 17, were born in OH. The data from the census suggests that the family arrived in Ohio some time between 1834 (birth of Elizabeth) and 1839 (birth of Henry). Also in the family was David Branscomb, age 9 months, b. OH.

In 1870 the census for Lick Twp., dwelling #5, showed the eldest known son Jacob Hunsinger as head of the household; both parents probably were dead. In the household were Elizabeth, age 36, “Luseaty” (=Lusetta), age 27, Frances, age 25 (this time a female); John, age 25, and David Hunsinger, age 10. Henry Hunsinger and his family were next door in dwelling #10. The David Hunsinger in the household headed by Jacob was apparently the David Branscomb who was shown in the 1860 census. The 1880 census for Jackson Co., p. 103C, shows David Hunsinger, age 20, b. OH, as head of household; father b. OH, mother b. Switzerland. Living with him was his mother Elizabeth, age 45, b. Switzerland. David’s occupation was “schoolteacher.” Also in the household was Lusette, “sister,” age 39. b. OH; obviously she was Elizabeth’s sister rather than David’s.

The censuses for the Hunsingers support the conclusion that David’s father was a Branscomb and that his mother was Elizabeth Hunsinger, b. ca. 1835 Switzerland. It is not clear which Branscomb was David’s father, but the two Branscomb families known to be in Jackson Co. during the 1850s and early 1860s were those of Benjamin and Edmond Jr., both sons of Edmund and Joanna. Of the sons of Benjamin, #1 Joseph E., #2 Ruffin and #4 Henry were in Knox Co., IL at least by 1850. In 1860 #8 William (b. 1833 VA? OH?) was in the home of his brother Joseph E. in DeKalb Co., MO, presumably after a stint in the gold fields of present-day Colorado. Therefore #7 Benjamin Jr. (b. 1830 VA? OH?) was the only son of Benjamin and Tabitha known to be residing in Jackson Co. ca, 1859-1860. Edmond Jr. had a son James W. Branscomb, b. 1838 OH, who presumably was in Jackson Co. during 1859-1860. Further speculation about the father is unwarranted, although the possibilities decrease if truly he was born in Ohio.

Continuing with the history of David Branscomb/Hunsinger: the 1900 federal census finds him in Big Horn Co., WY, Hyattsville Precinct (E.D. 69, S3; dwelling #62):

  Age DOB Where
Hunsinger, David 40 October 1859 OH OH Switzerland married 5 years
Blanch T(?) 30 February 1870 OH OH OH 3 children, all living
Leland D. 4 October 1895 WY OH OH  
Lucile H. 2 September 1897 WY OH OH  
Elizabeth 65 August 1834 Switzerland for all 3 Mother

David and his wife and mother must have moved to Wyoming shortly after he and Blanch married. If Blanch had three living children, the child not shown in the census was probably older and could have been from a prior marriage and living elsewhere.

In addition to the connection between Branscombs and Hunsingers concerning David, two other relationships are known:

  1. The 1870 census for Jackson Co. shows James Hatten and his son by his first wife Martha C. Branscomb, plus James’s second wife and their children, in dwelling#11, next door to Henry Hunsinger and family in dwelling #10 and then Jacob Hunsinger and his siblings in dwelling #9 Then in 1900 a family of Hattens was in dwelling #53 of Hyattsville Precinct of Big Horn Co., WY, and listed on the same page as David Hunsinger. The given name of the female head of household was marked over and undecipherable. She was age 63, b. February 1837 OH, both parents born in Switzerland. In the household was a boarder, Dean Hunsinger, age 30, b. OH, parents b. OH. I speculate that the head of household was Sarah Hunsinger, who was shown as age 15 in the 1860 census of Hunsingers in Jackson Co., OH, and that she had married a Hatten. Further research in the records of Jackson Co. could elucidate the matter.
  2. As discussed more fully in the genealogical history for #B-41George W. Branscomb, he seems to have returned from Artesia in Los Angeles Co., CA, in 1881 to marry Frances Hunsinger on 28 April of that year.

(Bill Cole provided data from the 1870, 1880 and 1900 censuses, plus some marriage data which he obtained from the office of the County Clerk for Jackson Co., OH.)

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