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The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The children of Richard Branscomb II

The names of four of Richard’s sons are known through the tax rolls for Greensville County. The names of three of his daughters appear in his will, and he gave consent when two of those daughters, plus an additional one, were married. Following is limited information concerning the known children. I have made a systematic study only for the first son, Zachariah.

Zachariah Branscomb, b. ca. 1777 in Brunswick Co., VA; d. in Abbeville, SC, probably during the latter part of 1820, after the census was taken. He md. in Greensville Co. on or after 6 November 1798 (that was the date of the marriage bond) Mazy Towns, d/o Richard Towns. Mazy was b. prob. before 1778, an she, too, died in Abbeville, SC, probably during the latter part of 1820, after the census was taken. See the Zachariah Branscomb page for a lengthy history of Zachariah and Mazy and their children.

(NOTE: In my 1996 book I stated, p. 19, that Priscilla Towns, who was named in the will of Robert Proctor was Mazy’s mother. That statement is incorrect; the evidence suggests strongly that she was Mazy’s grandmother.

William Branscomb was first shown in 1804 in the tax rolls for his father Richard II as a male age 21 or more. That datum implies a birth year of late 1782 or early 1783. the 1850 census shows his age as 69 (=b. ca. 1781). The county tax rolls continue to show William in his father’s household through 1827, which was two years before Richard’s death and the last year in which he (Richard) was shown as a tax payer. . For the years 1815-1822 the polls other than Richard were listed as William and Enoch, in that order. Then in 1823 the order was reversed and Enoch’s name was listed first, and that order continued through 1827. In 1828 Enoch was the taxpayer and presumably the owner of the property. William was not listed on the tax rolls for 1829 and 1830, but the 1830 and 1840 censuses imply that he was present in Enoch’s household: a male age 50-60 in 1830, a male age 60-70 in 1840. The 1850 census confirms William Branchcomb, age 69, b. VA, in Enoch’s household (see the page for Enoch Branscomb). No further records are known for William. Although no conclusions are possible, the known information suggests that some impediment prevented his becoming an independent adult.

Patsy Branscomb was shown to be the daughter of Richard II when on 8 January 1801 he gave consent for her marriage to Douglas “Dugger” Burnett. Her father’s consent would be required only if she was under age and therefore born after 1780. Patsy’s brother Zachariah Branscomb gave security for the marriage bond, and their cousin Edmund Branscomb was a witness. Ira Ellis, (Methodist) minister, made return. Patsy was the universal nickname for Martha. The 1810 census for Brunswick County shows Dugger Burnett (the “D” was partially obscured) as head of a household in which he was the only occupant: age 26-45. Patsy was not named as an heir in Richard’s will (1815). It is possible, therefore, that Patsy died before 1810 and that she left no children (Richard would have named them as heirs.)

Abraham Branscomb. According to the tax rolls, he was b. ca. 1790. His name does not appear in the tax records after 1814. The index to the military records for the War of 1812 shows Abram Branchcomb as a private in the fourth and fifth regiments of Virginia Militia and Abraham Branscomb in the fifth regiment. Those records have not yet been explored; presumably all of them refer to this son of Richard II. He is not mentioned in his father’s will. He may have died during the War of 1814, but as yet I have no confirmatory record.

Enoch Branscomb. Enoch Branscomb, b. probably 1796-1799; md. 1828 Sarah Margaret Richardson, See further information for Enoch and his family on the Enoch Branscomb page.

Information is even more sparse for the remaining daughters of Richard II:

Polly Branscomb is known only by her name, as an heir, in Richard’s will. She was the first named daughter and therefore was probably older than Lucy and Anne. Polly was the universal nickname for Mary.

Lucy Branscomb md. in Greensville Co. 11 December 1818 Herbert Harris. She was shown to be born after 1797, since her father gave consent for the marriage. Lucy’s brother Enoch Branscomb was security for the marriage bond. Lucy’s name comes after that of Polly and before that of Anne in her father’s will, and she is presumed therefore to be born later than Polly and earlier than Anne. Lucy was the universal nickname for both Lucille and Lucinda., but Lucille was far less common than Lucinda as a name in these early days of the country A number of Zachariah’s descendants were named Lucinda

In 1820 the census for Greensville County shows Herbert Harris as head of a household: one male and one female age 16-26. The further history of Herbert and Lucy has not been explored.

Anne Branscomb was named as an heir in her father’s will. She md. in Greensville Co. 28 September 1825 Asa B. Harris. Richard Branscomb gave consent, showing that Anne was born after 1804. James Davis gave security for the marriage bond. Asa Harris’s name has not been found in subsequent censuses.

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