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The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The children of Zachariah Branscomb (son of Richard Branscomb II) and his wife, Mazy Towns

Following are the names of the children of Zachariah Branscomb and Mazy Towns in order of birth as supported by the evidence. Emma Anderson's list has the same names, but the DOBs do not agree in all instances.

  1. Rebecca Branscomb, b. ca. 1801.
  2. Bennett Hill Branscomb, b. 28 July 1803.
  3. Richard Branscomb, b. ca. 1805.
  4. Mahala Branscomb, b. ca. 1807-1812.
  5. George Branscomb, b. ca.1810 (twin).
  6. Edwin Branscomb, b. ca. 1810 (twin).
  7. James W. Branscomb, b. ca. 1811.
  8. Lucinda Branscomb, b. ca.1813-1817.

Richard and James W. did not live to adulthood.

#3 Richard may have been one of the sons under the age of 10 in the 1810 census and between ages of 10 and 16 in 1920. All that is known for him is his name on Emma Andersonís list of the children for Zachariah and Mazy. He may have died in the same epidemic which took his parents. No doubt he was named in honor of both grandparents, Richard Branscomb and Richard Towns. Numerous children in later generations were named Richard.

#7 James W. Branscomb is known only because his name is on Emma Andersonís list. She gave his DOB as 1811. Perhaps he, too, died in the typhoid epidemic. Emma wrote that he moved to Alabama, but it is apparent that she confused this child of Zachariah and Mazy with their grandson, a child of #5 George, who probably was named in memory of the earlier James W.

Information about the other six children of Zachariah and Mazy is (or will soon be) available on individual pages for them (use links above).

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